Packages SHIPPED!

So many packages have been shipped in the last two weeks. I thought I’d share. I always package items in clear bags with some cute twine wrapped around it. I place a heart sticker on each of my packages as a symbol that it was “made with love” then I bubble wrap them.. Close it with some cute washi tape & put a free gift on the package from me as a thank you for supporting my mini businesses! Thank you all so much, you have no idea how appreciative I am. <3


NEW: SN Cutie Creature Headbands

I’ve been so busy lately with orders & medical lameness that I haven’t been able to post, so I’m going to post a few smaller entries to get up to date.


Above are the β€’β€’NEWβ€’β€’ SN Cutie Creature headbands that I recently added to the shop, I plan to add more and design other animals.. So definitely look for those in the future. These are an un-stuffed full body version that I absolutely LOVE and hope you all do as well! Please check out my shop SweetNOIR
Thank you for reading! >


Just wanted to share that will have Ready to ship items coming within the next couple of months!! There will be a variety of different items.. Sewn and non-sewn.. Mostly sewn though since is my main account for accessories and such. Below is a line of new handmade items I am really excited about.. I hope you like them! They’re are clips & headbands.

Thank you so much for reading! Hope you are all as excited as I am for the new changes in my little businesses!

NEW to

I’ve been so busy lately & not able to update much but there IS things happening for my little shops! Here are some new items coming soon!

CRAFT JARS: these come in a wide variety of fabrics & colors and will also be available in two different sizes.


SN BUTTON CLIPS: this will also come in a wide variety as you can see.


I hope you all like the new items! Thanks for reading!